On Saturday, the 21th of april 2018, about 250 social volunteers, fulltime employees, professionals, and many activists, who are working in refugees field, came together and met at the “Meistersingerhalle” in Nürnberg, to exchange ideas about the topic integrtion.

The next “Forum Willkommenskultur” takes place on friday, the 15th of march 2019, in town hall.

We also take a part in the event “Forum Willkommenskultur 2018” again this year and we moreover we documented everything happening there with a camera.

You can watch the video here:



23 years old Nawid Zandi a member of our team, gave a speech “to be at eye level” in this event. Here you can find the ink to the speech video:




We look forward for the next Forum Willkommenskultur event!