Neues Museum Richter, Gerhard: Ausschnitt - Werke aus der Sammlung Böckmann

Gerhard Richter: in der Ausstellung "Ausschnitt - Werke aus der Sammlung Böckmann" vom 14. November 2014 bis 22. Februar 2015 im Neuen Museum Nürnberg; Foto: Werner Gensmantel

The Neues Museum Nürnberg describes itself as a community centre that opens constantly new experiences to their visitors. A museum of the 21st century as a vibrant forum, a place of inspiration and education, of exchange and discussion.


Neues Museum
State Museum for Art and Design in
Luitpoldstrasse 5 (Entrance: Klarissenplatz)
90402 Nuernberg

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Opening hours

Tuesday - Sunday: 10am-6pm
Thursday: 10am-8pm


Collection 4 euro, reduced 3 euro, Sundays 1
euro. Exhibition (including collection) 6 euro,
reduced 5 euro. Children and students under
the age of 18 get free entry.