Hände schütteln

We play chess! We offer training for beginners and advanced, as well as free chess matches in a casual atmosphere. Our chess club was established more than 100 years ago and has 110 members. Since last October, a group of chess players regularly visit refugee-camps at Hiroschimal-Platz and Kohlenhof.


Schachclub Schwarz-Weiß Nürnberg Süd e.V.


Siebenkeesstr. 4

90459 Nürnberg


How to get there

U1, Tram 6 + 8 : Aufseßplatz

Opening hours

06:00 pm – Training for kids and young people
06:30 pm– Training for advanced players
06:30 pm – open games
08:00 pm – irregular open tournaments


Refugees and owners of Nürnberg-Pass can play for free.