MUZ Club

Founded in 2007, the “Musikzentrale” (meaning: music center) is running the MUZclub as an event venue in the hotspot Gostenhof in Nürnberg. The selection of local and international artists offers a rich variety of music. With the philosophy of encouraging and networking, we focus on organising concerts for local acts as well as international acts.


Musikzentrale / MUZ club
Fürther Str.63
90429 Nürnberg

How to get there

U1: Gostenhof

Opening hours

No permanent service.
Depends on every single event.


0 – 12,00 €


Special offer for new people of Nürnberg
+ Free entrance with a voucher that is
distributed in refugee accommodations in and
around Gostenhof.
+ For all events organized by MUZ itself:  50 %
reduction of admission price.

Average age
18 – 35

Live-music: Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Weltmusik,
Party/clubbing: Rock, Pop, Hip Hop,
Weltmusik, Independent
Others: Registered association, promotion of
local music scene