The collective is working in a voluntary capacity and is organizing concerts, parties, readings and lectures at Zentralcafe and sometimes at Festsaal. The Musikverein (meaning: music society), founded in 1976, is not focused on one specific music genre. Each volunteer is organizing events they feel like, with a lot of different music roots and backgrounds. The sense of community is to bring interesting, pleasant bands to town, that seem pop-cultural relevant. To provide access to a lot of people, the prices of admission as well as the costs for drinks are very low calculated. The collective is trying to provide private accommodation options and does the cooking for the bands, too. The Musikverein is strictly against any kinds of thoughts and acts that curtail someone’s rights. No room for racism, sexism or homophobia – everyone is welcome!




Königstraße 93
(Eingang: Königstormauer)
90402 Nbg

How to get there

Tram: Hauptbahnhof
U1/U2/U3: Hauptbahnhof
Bus: Hauptbahnhof
Nightliner: Hauptbahnhof

Opening hours

No permanent service.
Depend on every single event.


0 – 20,00 €


Special offer to new people of Nürnberg
Refugees Welcome.

Average age
18 – 60

Live-music: Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Electro,
Punk, Hardcore
Party/clubbing: Pop, Hip Hop, Electro
Other:  Readings, food available