The Desi is a bloc of people, that implement their own specific ideas of culture, music, bar and politics. We’re not having commercial intentions. Rather we want to develop extraordinary, innovative and independent ideas that find no place anywhere else. We are about preservation and advancement of left-wing and alternative city culture.

– Excerpt of self-conception from the homepage of Desi




Brückenstraße 23
90419 Nürnberg

How to get there

Tram 6: Westfriedhof

Bus 34: Friedrich-Ebert-Platz West

U1: Gostenhof (then a 10 min walk)

Opening hours

Depends on the event

Bar: Wednesday - Saturday: 6pm -1 am and Sunday 5pm-12am


0 – 20€


Special offer to new people of Nürnberg

Free refugee-city Nürnberg (link in german language)

Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants (link in german language)

Live-music: Rock, Pop, Alternative, Independent,Ska, Hip Hop

Party/clubbing: Rock, Pop, Alternative, Independent,Ska, Hip Hop

Others: Free refugee-city Nürnberg, bicycle workshop / repair, walls to paint, youth-culture work, bar with separate opening times, not just on events.