Quelle: Stadt Nürnberg

“Daku-Zentrum” is one of the former Nuermberg Rally buildings. You can learn the history of “Nazi-Propaganda” and the National Socialist tyranny.
The museum gives an overview of the whole Nazi-history with films, that make you ponder, clear photos and clarifications.
On all the buildings you can find informativ boards, that show the Nazi´s mass meetings very imposingly.


Bayernstraße 110
90478 Nürnberg
0911 2317538


How to get there

Tram Nr. 9: "Doku-Zentrum" stop
Buses Nr. 36,55,65: "Doku-Zentrum" stop
Urban Train S2: "Dutzendteich Bahnhof" station

Opening hours

Monday till Friday : 9:00-18:00
Saturday and Sunday : 10:00-18:00


Grown-ups : 5,- €
reduced (Students) : 3,- €

with "Nürnberg Pass" : 1,50 €