On Sunday, 27th Novermber 2017, the second round of the intercutural  speed-dating in Nürnberg took place. whithin a cosy tram ride, people from different cultures could exchange ideas and talk together. Sabreen from “You Are Here” was also there and tells us how it was for her.

“My name is Sabreen and i attended the intercultural speed-dating. I am strongly convinced that we can accomplish more contacts whithin such a project.

I’m so happy to be there on Sunday, because i got to know many new friends and told them about my culture in Iraq. In return i could inform myself about the culture and traditions in Nürnberg.

I believe that it’s also an important goal for the foreigners to learn the german language. I could also practice german language through talking german to people from different cultures.

I hope next time you would also be there!