Our focus is to establish a do-it-yourself shop to offer the possibility to fix your bike. The BikeKitchen offers facilities, tools and some know-how.


Furthermore we want to fix bikes to offer these bikes to persons, that can’t afford a regular bike. For example we want to offer refugees a minimum of mobility and give kids and young adults the chance to own a bike. Our concept: we help you to help yourself.


BikeKitchen Nürnberg

Dagmarstr. 14

90482 Nürnberg

Tel.: 0911 98037380

How to get there

Tram 5: Arminiusstraße

S1: Ostring

Opening hours

see website for opening times and events of the open workshop


Fixed bikes for 15,-- € + a donation fo 30,--€ or active support by cleaning, demount, sort pieces and matereial (what everybody can do). Who fixes a bike by himself/herself can take it away for free.